Employee Dental & Vision

Business Dental & Vision Program

Dental & Vision benefits for your employees helps maintain their health. It’s an added benefit to their health plan that they will appreciate. And you can make it voluntary.

There are a wide variety of dental and vision choices. Their are HMO & PPO plans that offer an attractive range of plan designs with different options for maximums and out-of-network claims reimbursement. Their plans offer a broad choice of covered procedures at reasonable copayment amounts to fit any budget.

Together, these choices add up to one thing — the ability to select the best fit in premium levels and enrollee copayment/coinsurance amounts. You can rely on companies like Delta Dental, VSP, Assurity, Met Life and more to provide cost management, comprehensive care and superior access to dentists.

No matter which plan you choose, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve chosen a plan that protects your employees and offers your business big value…

Individual Dental & Vision

Individual dental and vision plans are extremely popular. Whether it’s for someone losing group coverage or an individual looking for an affordable dental or vision plan.

I have found after many years of offering dental & vision, that Anthem offers the best value and network of dentists than anyone else. They are reliable and have affordable dental and vision plans. For example, their HMO dental plan is $16 per month. No waiting period or deductible. They are one of best-known carriers and products in the marketplace. These plans provide affordable choices for individual and family dental and vision care with an extensive provider network.

You can view their plans and even apply by going here to run a QUOTE

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